A glossary of terms used to described parts of a bag.

Source: Emily Blumenthal/ Handbag Designer 101


HEIGHT: Measured from the center top seam of the bag to the center bottom seam of the bag


LENGTH: Measured from the bottom left seam to the bottom right seam of the front of the bag.


WIDTH (a.k.a the Gusset): Measured from the front side seam to the back side seam


Although sometimes used to describe the width of a bag, the GUSSET can also be used to refer to “the triangular end piece of a handbag that gives depth”.


TOP HANDLE: A type of handle not long enough to go over the shoulder, it allows the bag to be held in the hand and crook of the elbow.


PIECE GOOD: The material that a bag is mostly made of (e.g leather, fabric, canvas, etc)