Are items sold on The Attic Place originals?
What currency are the prices on The Attic Place stated in?
What condition are the items in?
Are pre-owned items cleaned or reconditioned prior to be listed for sale?
Do items come with original packaging and paperwork?
Are the images shown on your website of the actual items listed for sale?
Do I have to pay Goods & Services Tax (GST)?
Can I order online and pay / collect in store?
Can I pay by installment online?

Shipping and Returns

Do you ship to international destinations?
How much does it cost to ship the items?
What is the estimated time required for delivery of my item(s)?
What is your return policy?

Selling Your Items

What determines the price which I can get for my selling bag?
Do you offer consignment sales?
How long is the consignment period? How long will it take to sell my item?
Do you charge a transaction fee?